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Name Email  Skills / Miscellaneous Information


Alford, Katherine IT Business Analyst
Almoneef, Judy Global Supplier / Business Manager  - (480) 643-7634
Alonas, Paul Opto-electronics / semiconductor devices
Altonen, Bill Engineering, marketing management
Austin, Damien Cad/Design engineer -worked for Motorola for 5 yrs. Currently working for California Micro Devices. 
Avalos, Cecilio


Baca, Chris Failure analysis/Cross-sectioning
Baca, Pamela Web & graphic design / administration / desktop publishing / training / event planning  (Currently at General Dynamics)
Bandstra, Linda Project Management
Barrett, Joey Marketing / sales 
Barton, George Education / shipping and receiving
Baumgardner, Linda Special events, meeting planner
Baxter-Errickson, Marji Getting teaching certificate to teach middle school mathematics
Beaudin, Denise Still at ON...want to keep in touch with "old" friends
Beardslee, Susan IT Project Management, Support Services
Bechtold, Jessie Technical consultant, specification writer
Beltran, Sparki
Bender, Jack
Benton, Margaret CIH, CSP Safety engineer / manager or industrial hygienist
Bias, Rex Facilities maintenance
Bineyard, Alicia Product Engineer
Briere, Mike Program management
Burckhardt, Doug LAN: Mac, NT 4.0
Burns, Darryll Development/process/optimization
Buss, Ken


Carriers, Peggy Project management/contract negotiation
Chain, Elizabeth Device/process/ FA engineer
Chapman, Lindsay Real Estate/space des/construction
Chaydez, Aldo Project Management
Clancy, Colleen Customer Service Mgr., left Motorola July 2000, 29+ yrs.
Cochran, Daniel Cert. Proj. Mng, Cert. Public Mng, Data-Base Admin-Mng (Lotus, MS, Oracle), IT Ops, Educator, Public Speaker
Cochran, Linda Administrative Assistant
Collins, Dean Started own company: DMC CAD & Design @ (480) 726-9142. Formerly at Tempe site (CS-1)
Cologna, Vickie
Conner, Tina Help desk/call center management
Cook, Robert Product Engineering & Failure Analysis
Coronado, Sergio VMS, PROMIS
Corral, Ernie
Davis, Bobbette Customer service
Delafield, Darlia Inventory control
DiSilvestro, Joe Failure Analyst, Reliability, Device , Product Engineer
Doherty, John Working in Carlsbad, NM for Westinghouse
Downin, Don Software Q.A./process improvement. Now at software firm near Fiesta Mall (quite happy!)
Edison, Zoe Help people
Eisenhart, Jewel Administrator, Sensors - (480) 413-7827
Elwell, Steve Failure Analysis Engineering - (480) 759-9867
Evans, Bob R & QA, manufacturing
Fekete, Marty Specialist in environmental, health and safety, along with risk management.
Contact info email or (480) 641-8502
Finney, Jack
Florence, John Marketing
Frank, Randy Strategic marketing
Fredette, John Project management
Fuller, Mary Kay Administrator / Sensors
Galvan, D. Kay
Garavaglia, Carol Quality / HR / project management
Garrett, Mary Kay Formerly Business Analyst. Started own business: Having fun as a Southern Living at Home Consultant
Garza, Lou Shipping and receiving
Gill, Ray Maintenance/Safety Technician - worked at the Mesa site for ~ 18 years
Golamb, Edward (Tink) or
New Asian gifts/collectibles business, Simbatta 2136 E. Baseline, B-1 in Mesa
Gleba, Sydney Administrative Assistant
Glover, Doug Technical presentations/graphics
Gorman, Linda Customer Service
Grace, Tom Shipping and receiving
Green, Larry Just relaxing! Contact - but not for work!
Haglan, Anne Account management
Harbaugh, Kent Analog Test Engineer / 14 yrs exp.
17 year Motorolan/2 year On Semi
Hayes, Linda 14229 S. 47th Place - Phoenix, AZ 85044 (480)-961-5283

Hebensberger, Linda Marketing, Sales, Support Svc, Customer Srvc, Exec Asst
Hinkle, Carolyn Substitute teacher - Scottsdale Schools
Scottsdale Human Rights Commissioner
Hollander, David Strategic/Product Marketing, Marcom and Product Eng.
Huseby, Irvin
Janis, Mike
Jelinek, Len
Johnson, Bill
Johnson, Bob Sales management, direct marketing
Jordan, Robert Marketing, purchasing
Kearney-Hopkins, Joan UNIX and Oracle systems admin.
Kelsey, Leroy Systems engineer
Knapp, Linda Customer Support / Customer Returns
Kol, Bonne
Lamb, Erik Sales
Lancaster, Cathy Business analyst
Lewis, Phil General computing, Unix/Windows
Lindgren, Bernie Project management
Maby, Gregg Project management
Mack, Jim Product engineer
Marshall, Mike Planning
Martinez, Vangie
Maza, George Took VSP in '98, 33+ yrs w ith SPS (former VP, Sales Director MSPI)
McCarthy, Gwena
McNatt, Kelli Director of Freedom
Mesquita, Javier  Security
Miranda, Pete Sales and marketing
Mitchell, Bill
Mitchell, Marilyn Negotiating, marketing/sales
O'Neal, John Product Engineer
Ostermeyer, Diann Sales
Padilla, Miguel Applications engineering
Parasher, Anju
Peterson, Jim Business, finance manager
Pentland, Walt
Pitchford, Diane
Plotkin, Eileen Spec coordinator
Rankin, Amanda Jo Administrative Assistant
Rascon, Terri Human Resources, administrative
Reasoner, Tim - PMP Project Management
Reed, Chuck Spec Coordinator
Reinmuth, Larry media-based training development / communications
Rennick, Leonard Former Motorolan and ON
Renter, Sherry
Roy, Bob
Rumsey, Ray IT Analyst
Schatke, Betty Customer Service, Project Management, Configuration Mngmt
Schatke, Bob Customer Service
Scott, Mike Project management/engineering
Scott, Gwen, Database development & maintenance
Sievers, Mike Engineering, supply management
Sevanian, Sebouh Failure analysis
Shoff, Michael Analysis-inventory related
Spaulding, Phil Retired
Stork, Linda Currently at ON; Z/R QA
Sura, Ramesh Manufacturing Support, Project Management
Thalke, Don Buyer
Tindell, Kathleen Customer service marketing
Ulloa, Josie
Administrative Assistant, Z/R Wafer Fab
Unzicker, Jerry Software systems design
Valenzuela, Felicia IT Business Analyst /Planning / Logistics
Vance, Carol
Vick, Gary Project management, project engineering
Wenstrom, Cynthia - PMP PMP, Program Manager and Business Consultant
Westfall, Jeff Consulting, training
Wetzel, Sandra Customer service, project management
White, Michael 9 yrs with Motorola, MOS12
Wiersch, Tony IT, network support / ACF security
Williams, Lisa Marketing / Human Resources 
Winans, David Quality systems analyst
Wittman, Jerry
Wolfe, Patty
Wolfe, Zach IT / email administration, helpdesk, network support
Yost, Dave Environmental / process engineer
Ypsilanti, Bill  Process Engineer; Sax Player, World Traveler, Real Estate Licensee
Zamora, Matthew IT

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