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...a service that identifies federal and state assistance
programs for older Americans. Researching these programs used to be a time consuming and frustrating
experience. But no longer!

The Juice Bar

For your workout enjoyment, stop by the Juice Bar!  Track your workout progress, join the weight loss support network, get diet advice.

Heart-Healthy Cooking


General Benefit Information Numbers:

     Motorola Rewards Administration Center: 1 (800) 421-3973

Motorola Rewards Administration Center
P.O. Box 29005
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9005

  RAC has moved from the Roosevelt site and is now located at the South West corner of Priest and Washington.  
  Email: for assistance with your benefit inquiries.
  Web  site:
Motorola Retiree web

Check your Cancer Risk 

Your Cancer Risk estimates your risk of cancer and provides personalized tips for prevention. It doesn't tell you if you'll get cancer or not. Anyone can use Your Cancer Risk, but it's most accurate for people age 40 and over who have never had any type of cancer.

Take a few minutes to answer some questions. Find out how to lower your risk and where to focus your prevention efforts.

Because the best way to fight cancer is to keep it from starting. Cancer risk calculator, click here...

Other helpful links

      Motorola in Arizona
    Health Providers on the Web (Click on the Motorola link)
     Wellness On-line Registration web


Online investment tools:                     

    Northern Trust Retirement Passport

If you have funds in the Motorola 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan, you are encouraged to try this tool to manage your funds online.

(If you have forgotten your TIME System PIN, simply call 1-800-585-5100 to request that a copy of your TIME PIN be mailed to your home)


Access to former Motorola sites:

     Access to General Dynamics (undetermined-check with Security)

     Access to 52nd Street:  

If you have a Motorola gold retiree badge, you will be granted access at the discretion of security to visit the cafeteria. 

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial site and is in not affiliated with Motorola.  The name "Motorola" is a trademark of Motorola, Inc. 

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Last Updated 04May04