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Under Construction!

This site will be going under a major transformation that is way over due! Any ideas or thoughts - please send through the email keepnetworking@

This site will have the contact list and the retiree information - the job search/new business type of information will be posted as it comes in and left up for a month only.

If you requested your name/email be added to the list and it is not on there - please send again to email provided as the Lycos server dumped email that hadn't been responded to yet. 
Thank you.

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Don't touch your hair, tilt your head, speak too fast...

Purpose of this site: 

  • Share business leads-continue, renew and extend your professional relationships.

  • Swap information on new job opportunities

  • Network for new employees

  • Contact each other to plan a get-together

  • Share important postings

Anyone can list their name and contact information for exchanging  job opening opportunities, sharing resources, socializing or  just plain networking.


  Early-Retirement Renaissance:
As the prospect of layoffs looms large, companies are offering employees a less-painful way to exit
     -- for everybody involved.

Research  the stability of a company


Marketing Yourself/Personal Growth:

Career Resources:

Networking Meeting / Events:

(Anyone with a networking group that want to post here -  send your schedule & location  to be posted.)


Message from the Webmaster:  This site is to feature your skills, businesses,  track updates or coordinate get-togethers. It is up to "you",  the users to get in touch with each other; and to supply the correct information or any important postings you would like on this web site. If there is someone that would like to be added to the list; please have the user themselves send the information - that way, everyone is aware they are on the list with their full permission. No exceptions please! 

Last update 04May04



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